We are delighted to show you a Video presentation on the picture slides below on our Airline Start-Up methodologies,

Over the last 10 years we have gathered golden information on starting an airline operational excellence key success factors. Included in this are digitalization solutions where we can help you to create the best operational capability, financing and routes to succeed.

Our expertise can help find you the best passenger service systems (PSS) which best suits your airline's commercial atmosphere. Whether it is a start up or if you are considering to migrate from one system to another we are able to help you find the best solutions available in the market. We do extensive analysis considering your current market requirements and the features of different PSS's in order to find the most suitable, productive and cost effective solution for your airline.

Our international network of consultants can assist you to manage your project in the most effective way cutting out all the unnecessary and complicated work flows. We have dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced PM's to do this work for your airline. 

We can take care of the entire digitalization process of your airline. Our program includes airline e-commerce strategies and digitalization methodologies where we select the best commercial systems, payment solutions and omni channel sales distribution which will guarantee your airline success and sustainability. Please contact us for more details and we will be delighted to present our solutions which will change the way your airline do business forever!


What do we mean by digitalization? 

We rethink which of the technological solutions can change the way your people follow processes and create productive outcomes to all stake holders in your airline business. In other words we ask how technology can directly affect the performance of your people and processes. Our prime focus is to run the airline without any involvement with paper. So basically we make your airline go paperless!

Why do we call this digital transformation?

Our digital solutions focus on advanced technology which is super user friendly, easily adoptable and less complicated. These solutions will entirely change the perspective of how you do business in the modern world. Once implemented the people and processes strive for better performance, better productivity and transform airline's business into new heights.

What are the core challenges of your airline? In which areas do you need more efficiency? Is it operations? Is it commercial? Is it safety and quality? Is it maintenance? 

We ask the right questions to identify the challenges on your current business processes! Afterwards our solutions will be catered to address those challenges which will start from the people. And what makes us different from our competitors? We start from changing the mindsets and thinking habits of people where we take actions to eliminate inefficiency and unproductivity starting from your people and then move into processes. So it is not only the technology we work on. For us digitalization means a lot more than recommending your airline a bunch of technologies! We do careful analysis of the core factors at macro and micro level.