Transforming logistics and development in Papua New Guinea

Commercial Shipping

Vessel Chandlers, Chartering and Management.



Quality network of suppliers, engineers and community leadership.



Reception, staging, onward movement, and systems integration (RSOI)



Sustainable design and shipping solution development.



Aircraft Chartering and Operations, service incl. AOC


Ship Tech

Maritime stds compliant communications equipment supply


Our Mission: To redefine being PNG’s number one provider of excellence in ship chandlery and shipping management services, remaining sustainable in all aspects of our business.

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JJ Ship Equip Agencies was established as a local company under the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) in year 2012 in the tropical paradise of Papua New Guinea. The company is head quartered in Lae, where the largest Commercial Port is located in the country. We also have offices located in, Singapore, Germany and in Sri Lanka.

We specialize in providing all kinds of services under one shop to small/medium and large commercial vessels in Papua New Guinea. Thus we contribute actively towards making PNG maritime operations safer, on time, customer friendly & cost efficient. Which is why over the years we have built an amazing customer reputation with commitment to their success, safety and operational & financial performance.

We have exceptional recommendation and trust from the state authority, National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA), for providing world class service and for our active value creation towards the development of maritime industry in Papua New Guinea. We are always in consultation and communication with the state authority as we are supporting their mission at a national and international level.

Our business philosophy is build with 3 strong pillars. These pillars are namely, our employees, customers and our stake holders. This is why we take care to treat everyone with equality and respect. We are continuously investing in training and development of PNG locals so that they can lead a successful professional career life. And we are continuously investing in technology to ensure that we are customer first, data centric company using next generation business practices. That is what makes us unique, simple , reliable and a responsible establishment. We provide progress and purpose across all the three pillars which makes our organization.


1. Marine Navigation Electronic Equipment supply, servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting.
2. Marine Stationary supply.
3. Marine Safety products supply.
4. Marine engineering equipment and spare parts including servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting.
5. New building projects of Vessels, we do the GA for the customers for free!
6. Vessel Managing services.
7. Ship charter service.

During the year 2018 and 2019 the company has rapidly expanded in providing Aviation support services such as IT applications development, Business Process Outsourcing, Aircraft charter, sales and leasing, permits, ground handling and in providing a wide variety of professional services to aviation industry.

We also provide comprehensive consultation packages for Airline Start ups with the correct approach to sustain the business in rapidly changing business environments. Our consulting packages includes AOC, completing technical and operational procedures and activities, commercial business planning, route and network development, dynamic pricing and revenue management, aircraft selection, networking, training, coaching, mentoring and much more.

Our employees are well experienced with hands on knowledge and technical know how in all what we do. Our passion to transform your business towards success is the consistent and persistent commitment we render upon our customers everyday, 365 days a year.

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  • Section 21, Lot 6, Mangola street, Lae, Papua New Guinea



QUALITY, SAFETY, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, SECURITY  The operational activities of JJ Ship Equip Agencies are of two distinguished areas of expertise. 

  • Ship Chandler services.
  • Ship Management services.

Our management, employees and sub-contractors across all levels are committed to quality, customer satisfaction, safety, security, and environmental protection, whilst continuously improving our operations and systems. 

To this end, we implement a QHSE Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. The Management reviews the system on a regular basis. 

We build and maintain a quality, healthy and safe working environment, supplying our staff at all levels with the means, resources and backing to perform their duties. Everyone is treated with equality and respect, and we are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, tolerance; conducting our business in a responsible manner and complying with the legislation governing the areas in which we operate. 

We are committed to be a socially and environmentally responsible company focusing greatly on quality, staff development, health and safety, and the environment. 

As part of our corporate governance commitments, we have taken steps to ensure sufficient focus and action. These steps include the adoption of a code of conduct. 

We comply with all legal requirements applicable to our operations and will follow the rules, regulations and requirements from our clients, charterers, IMO, insurers, and others. 

Systematically we monitor all relevant operating processes, evaluating internal monitoring results as well as accepting external input from industry groups, clients, press or auditors and always consider how we can improve our management system. 

Communication is in an open, timely and factual manner and we employ a non-blame, just and fair culture realizing that there is no better way to learn as an organization. 

We encourage anybody to report any deficiency regarding quality, health, safety and environment using clearly defined objectives and targets to fix our QHSE position and plot the course ahead. We are truly committed to zero defects, accidents, and spills, and to the prevention of pollution. Staff are educated in accordance with our training policy, continuously improving their knowledge and awareness about the importance of quality, safety and respecting the environment in their daily work. Management and employees will lead by example in all QHSE related issues. Management reviews the QHSE policy during management review meetings to determine the policy’s continuing suitability for our organization. We ensure that our QHSE policy is communicated and understood at all levels of the organization through documented training, regular communication, and reinforcement during annual employee performance reviews. 

This policy is effective as of 06 October 2021

Airline Strategy Advisory

Roadmap to starting a regional transformative airline.


Fleet Planning Evaluation

Services in selecting the optimal aircraft fleet for your new airline!


Airline Start-Up Planning

Expertise in airline business planning will show that it is not so difficult as one might think!