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About Us

About Us About Us About Us
JJ Ship Equip Agencies was established as an international foreign enterprise at the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) in year 2012 in the tropical paradise of Papua New Guinea. The company is head quartered in Lae, where the largest Commercial Port is located in the country. We also have offices located in Berlin, Germany and in Sri Lanka.

Since our initiation the company has been specializing in providing services to large commercial vessels in Papua New Guinea. We have built an excellent customer reputation over the years with our first class service. We have exceptional recommendation and trust from the state authority, National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) for providing world class service and for our active value creation towards the development of marine industry in Papua New Guinea. We are a strict customer first and data centric company who uses cutting technologies and next generation business practices. That is what makes us unique, simple and a responsible establishment.

Our core competencies in this field are,
1. Marine Navigation Electronic Equipment supply, servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting.
2. Marine Stationary supply.
3. Marine Safety products supply.
4. Marine engineering equipment and spare parts including servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting.
5. We are competent to provide complete engineering solutions for vessels saving costs and time in confirming smooth and safe operation of the vessels.

During the year 2018 and 2019 the company has rapidly expanded in providing Aviation support services such as IT applications development, Business Process Outsourcing, Aircraft charter, sales and leasing, permits, ground handling and in providing a wide variety of professional services to aviation industry.

We also provide comprehensive consultation packages for Airline Start ups with the correct approach to sustain the business in rapidly changing business environments. Our consulting packages includes AOC, completing technical and operational procedures and activities, commercial business planning, route and network development, dynamic pricing and revenue management, aircraft selection, networking, training, coaching, mentoring and much more.

Our employees are well experienced with hands on knowledge and technical know how in all what we do. Our passion to transform your business towards success is the consistent and persistent commitment we render upon our customers everyday, 365 days a year. Talk to us to find out more on how we can help!

Our Services

Commercial Vessels

We specialize in supplying Radars, PLC systems, Safety Equipment (SOLAS Approved), Gyro Compass, Marine Stationary, Engine room Stationary, Wheel house stationary, VHF radios, SART Radar transponders, Navigation software, Marine safety, Marine welfare and medical solutions, GMDSS equipment and a wide range of other spare parts required for smooth and timely operation of your vessel and your business! Over many years our consultative approach to our customers has been with huge value creation. Our engineers can provide you with engineering solutions for your vessel at a very competitive price with the best of the equipment and trusted service. Talk to us to find out!

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Airlines & Aviation

Aviation Trip Support Aircraft Sale and Lease Airline Technology & IT services Airline Start up management consulting & AOC

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Products and Brands

As a principal, we only work with brands that are tested, proven and over the time has earned the best reputation and durability in the market for their different functionalities. We encourage all our customers to inquire from us on why quality matters and how together with our commitment your needs will be fulfilled and very well looked after!

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Customer Services

Our business is based on trust, integrity, legitimacy and consistency. Therefore, our customers are guaranteed to have our close attention and proactive support in finding solutions to address their unique business challenges at all times. Whether they are at Sea or Above the Clouds, we are ready to serve you above and beyond!

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Corporate Profile

Values, Principals, Vision & Mission & Services

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Contact Us

  • Section 21, Lot 6, Mangola street, Lae, Papua New Guinea


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