Fleet Planning Evaluation

Selecting the right aircraft for the right route/s ensuring safety and passenger comfort is critical decision for the airline’s sustainable business plan. The profits are determined by having the optimal fleet to meet the demand of the market. In-depth study and evaluation is critical towards the airline’s success.

Our team of experts can provide the expertise to determine the most suitable aircraft by evaluating on the below factors,

  • Which aircraft can match capacity to demand?
  • What is the optimum number of fleet types suitable for the airline route development plans?
  • Analysing the benefits of Fleet commonality
  • Identification of suitable aircraft types and Analysis on these Aircraft’s different payload ranges and capabilities
  • Aircraft take-off performance at different airports in the network plan
  • Relative fuel consumption on routes
  • Net yields driven by seat count and load factors
  • Analysis of aircraft Maintenance cost and support capability
  • Analysing the value of passenger comfort
  • Analysing aircraft Cargo capacity
  • Aircraft pricing/lease rates analysis from different providers
  • Aircraft buy versus leasing analysis
  • Availability and affordability of financing
  • Aircraft economics highlighting TOC’s, performance data and revenue figures

It could be the case that an aircraft might score high on some of the factors and score low on other. But our focus here is to bring the best aircraft which assures best cost management, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency!