Airline Start-Up Planning

We build a solid and a sustainable operating strategy for the airline with clear goals and objectives to be achieved in the next 3, 5- and 10-year timelines. We provide the airline management with unique strategies to generate results on a day to day basis. The success and failures are properly measured, and appropriate feedback and recommendations are continuously delivered to help the airline management to keep on track with the changing conditions in the market.

We provide the following services to our clients,

  • Information on the investment requirement
  • Airline Start up project plan &Project implementation action plan
  • Route plan, schedule and  network strategy
  • Aircraft acquisition plan, Aircraft fleet strategy and plan
  • Skilled staffing and manpower requirement
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Ground handling, Catering and fuelling agreements
  • Aircraft maintenance and support plan
  • Aircraft technical support strategy covering safety, quality and auditing
  • AOC and manuals writing
  • Airline passenger service solutions and other airline IT solutions
  • Revenue management and pricing strategy
  • Sales channel distribution strategy
  • Ancillary revenue development strategy
  • New Distribution Capability related merchandising and retailing solutions
  • Airline alliancing (Interline and Codeshares) and business alliancing strategy (OTA, Hotels, Rail network, etc)
  •  Airline digital transformation strategy & AI, ML and Blockchain technology related solutions
  • Relationship management with key people and organisations which could support the development of the airline
  • Recommendations for aircraft financing solutions.

In Africa we work actively in developing air services to remote locations and secondary airports, while supporting to develop local economies through improved air connectivity. We continuously communicate with government authorities and industry influencers on the topics of bringing down high costs and liberalization of the aviation industry in the African countries. We actively work with them to highlight the economical and positive benefits of a liberalized airline industry in the African continent.  

So far, we have been involved in 6 airline start up projects including reviving of a national airline. One of our latest projects is an airline based in Kenya and currently we have completed the system implementation and getting ready to launch the schedule flights. Our other project is a boutique airline project in the tropics of South Asian region, and we are at the currently in the process of completing the Airline Start-Up business plan.

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