Airline Strategy Advisory

Opportunity Study

New Ideas for the birth of a new airline

Identifying the realistic need for a new airline

Market potential, demand and supply

Airline Start up Study and Analysis

Collection of traffic data, identifying costs and calculating revenues

Interpretation of this data

Pre-feasibility study

Pre-feasibility study outlining the investment opportunities in the market for aviation, we highlight on the positive aspects of facts and figures, we clearly identify the opportunities for air cargo and passenger services in the region/country. We identify the challenges at hand. We identify the niches and new trends in the market for aviation.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study covering market appraisal, route plan development, aircraft selection, business registration, legal aspects, financial forecast, facts and various other figures, maintenance and aircraft support plan, initial Ground Handling and fuelling plan, Sales channel distribution strategy, IT strategy, Airline core Concept and Brand strategy, market strategy, CX strategy, competitor analysis, staffing and recruitment.

Business Plan

Full Business plan with in-depth statistical and financial data for the next ten years, a dynamic plan to sustain the airline business over the next ten years with a solid approach to generate positive ROI's.

Our approach to airline business is dynamic as the industry really is. We create customized and catered solutions for the brave entrepreneurs who wants to enter the airline industry. We use our years long experience in doing airline business in difficult countries and remote locations to create the best business plan for airline. One that works and is sustainable.

We utilize our deep knowledge in the industry together with our powerful network of industry professionals, Aircraft manufacturing companies, airline IT service providers, civil aviation authorities and various other aviation industry organizations to support all aspects of the Start-up airline. We use technology and innovation on the objectives of continuous cost management, customer loyalty improvement and revenue optimization