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26 Mar

Kokopo is a town located in East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea, which is known for its scenic natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance. In recent years, the Papua New Guinea government has identified tourism as a potential growth sector for the country's economy and has been promoting various initiatives to attract more tourists to the region.

One such initiative is the East New Britain Tourism Development Program, which aims to develop Kokopo and other parts of the province as a world-class tourism destination. The program involves investment in infrastructure, such as upgrading roads, airports, and wharves, and developing new tourism products and services, such as eco-tourism, cultural tours, and adventure sports. The vision for Kokopo as a tourism hub is to create a sustainable tourism industry that supports local communities and preserves the region's unique cultural and natural heritage. 

The government is working with private sector investors and development partners to promote the region's tourism potential and attract more visitors from around the world. Some of the specific investment plans for Kokopo include the development of new hotels and resorts, upgrading of existing tourist facilities, and the establishment of a cultural village to showcase the local culture and traditions. 

The government is also promoting events and festivals, such as the Mask Festival, which celebrates the province's unique mask-making traditions and attracts visitors from around the world. Overall, the goal of these investments is to create a vibrant and sustainable tourism industry that benefits the local economy, provides employment opportunities for local communities, and protects the region's natural and cultural heritage for future generations.<br>

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