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25 Mar

Maritime chandlers are companies that specialize in supplying ships with various types of equipment, provisions, and supplies necessary for the smooth operation of the vessel. Maritime chandlers operate in ports and harbors, and they typically provide services to all types of ships, including cargo vessels, tankers, cruise ships, and naval vessels.The specific products and services offered by maritime chandlers may vary, but some of the most common items that they supply include:

  • Fresh and canned food items
  • Beverages and water
  • Cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Safety gear and equipment
  • Navigation and communication equipment
  • Engine and mechanical parts
  • Spare parts for electrical and electronic systems
  • Fuel and lubricants

In addition to supplying goods, maritime chandlers may also provide services such as customs clearance, storage and warehousing, logistics, and delivery to the ship. They play an essential role in ensuring that ships have the necessary supplies to operate efficiently and safely while in port or at sea.

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