Aviation Trip Support

Worldwide permits support on Landing, Navigation, Overflight, etc
Worldwide Aviation Jet Fuel supply
Worldwide Ground Handling

Aircraft Sale and Lease
ACMI Wet lease/Dry Lease

Aircraft Charters

We can help with all your charter needs with competitive pricing anywhere in the world. We can organise passenger, cargo or technical flights. In our  network we have over 800 airlines in Europe, Africa and Oceania regions. All charter requests from our clients therefore will be provided with the best solution, with best safety, reliability and cost effectiveness!

IT related services

We are consultants for recommendation and reselling number of IT solutions for airlines and start up airlines which includes, Internet Booking Engines, PSS, Revenue Management systems, Help Desk systems, Online Check-In systems, API connectivity, NDC, Loyalty and CRM systems. We help you to select the best IT system solutions for your airline. For more information on consulting and demonstrations of these products please email us at service@jjshipequip.com

Airline Start up management consulting & AOC

We represent a network of people and companies who have the right mind set and know-how to build an airline from scratch. Our dynamic solution covers key areas of airline start up such as route planning, financial planning, Marketing, Business planning, Operational planning, AOC, Airline Safety and security, Revenue Management, Digital presence, Sales distribution, Quality control, Maintenance, Aircraft selection, Audit & Compliance & Customer services. 

Our approach towards your dream of starting an airline is as much as imaginative, curious and creative as yours. We act with self reliance, perseverance and we hunt down opportunities keeping self awareness on the priorities and commitment responsibility towards the goals laid by you or your management. We can enhance your local knowledge with new concepts blended with our years of practical business know how in airline business.

In a world of rapid business changes what matters is to understand the right opportunities through positive mental attitudes. We have an optimistic business philosophy inherited by 100 years of experience and skills thriving at the heart of the network of our team. We work to achieve sustainability to your airline through bold decision making done after careful calculations of various metrics. Our strength lies in transparency and fairness used in our way of doing business with you.

Our first set of consultation is completely free and we encourage our readers to send us their feedback, wishes or dreams !