Our Services

Commercial Vessels

We specialize in supplying Radars, PLC systems, Safety Equipment (SOLAS Approved), Gyro Compass, Marine Stationary, Engine room Stationary, Wheel house stationary, VHF radios, SART Radar transponders, Navigation software, Marine safety, Marine welfare and medical solutions, GMDSS equipment and a wide range of other spare parts required for smooth and timely operation of your vessel and your business! Over many years our consultative approach to our customers has been with huge value creation. Our engineers can provide you with engineering solutions for your vessel at a very competitive price with the best of the equipment and trusted service. Talk to us to find out!

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Airlines & Aviation

Aviation Trip Support Aircraft Sale and Lease Airline Technology & IT services Airline Start up management consulting & AOC

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Products and Brands

As a principal, we only work with brands that are tested, proven and over the time has earned the best reputation and durability in the market for their different functionalities. We encourage all our customers to inquire from us on why quality matters and how together with our commitment your needs will be fulfilled and very well looked after!

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Customer Services

Our business is based on trust, integrity, legitimacy and consistency. Therefore, our customers are guaranteed to have our close attention and proactive support in finding solutions to address their unique business challenges at all times. Whether they are at Sea or Above the Clouds, we are ready to serve you above and beyond!

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Corporate Profile

Values, Principals, Vision & Mission & Services

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JRC Marine Equipment

JRC(Japan Radio Co., Ltd.)is a world renown group of companies of communication technology working for connecting your feeling and thoughts.

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